After upgrade to 3.6.10 my DB is hosed

I upgraded to 3.6.10, and I was trying to send a test email in a campaign. The response was that the “email was not a subscriber”. Quite impossible. After a little more investigation, I discovered that I cannot search subscribers by email!

If I go to a Subscriber List, copy any email and paste that in the Search Subscribers page, the response is that the subscriber doesn’t exist. And yet, that email has a record that is confirmed, not blacklisted and not disabled.

Is it possible to export all subscribers,force initialize the database, and import all subscribers?

Anyone have any other ideas?


@takeabow Firstly use phpmyadmin or a similar tool to look at the database directly. That might help to understand what has happened.

@duncanc, Thanks. I did that, but honestly I had no idea what I was looking for. It just looked like a reasonable database. (Although, I wondered why there was a UUID and a UniqueID - seems redundant.)

I uninstalled MariaDB and re-installed it. Then I loaded the data again from an export, and it seemed to be working again - at least, it wasn’t complaining about a test0email address not being a subscriber.

However, the Subscriber Search by email function still didn’t work. Then I realized this:

If I put the entire email in the search field, it fails.
If I put a partial even right up to the next-to-last letter, it finds it.
So it looks like a problem in the Subscriber Search?