After Upgrade our subscribe page/all public pages are blank

Version v3.3.1
browser Safari Version 10.0.3 (12602.4.8)

Our subscribe page/all public pages are blank -
Screen shots:

I’ve heard that normally a blank screen/page does mean there is a syntax error in a php file. So I checked my config file with various php checkers and it seems to be fine :frowning:

Admin pages work great - just not the public ones…

Someone else had a similar experience on the forums and their answer was:

session.save_path = "/tmp"
in php.ini
i guess it didnt have a write perms on the default folder…

Could this be my problem? I don’t really understand how it could be…

I looked at those pages, and ‘viewed source’ and it’s blank.
That would indicate that the server has received the http, and tried to generate a page, but something went wrong when generating the page.

Are these using the default subscribe page, or did you create custom pages? If so, you would want to check over your custom subscribe pages.

Also, what version is your php? (you can check it using an ‘info.php’ file). 3.3.1 requires a minimum version…

Also, you say you’ve checked the config.php file, did you alter any other php files?

Look for a php_error.log file or similar.
Also have you changed anything in .htaccess?