After upgrade login issues

after upgrade from 3.0.5 to 3.0.12 keeps asking me for admin password all the time, does not save changes
I tried all the tricks as per documentation: php sessions use cookies, temp dir is fine, disabled ip check, tried mysql sessions all in FF and IE. Still the same issue. Will try downgrade back to 3.0.5. Any ideas ?

Found the culprit - had varnish cache turned on. with varnish off everything is fine


Not familiar with “varnish cache” or how to disable it. Please describe the steps you took and I am in the same loop.

Varnish is a website caching service… basically, if you have a website that generates each page with a program that talks to a database, (such as wordpress, phplist, and many others), the website can appear to be slow to generate the requested page.

A page caching service generates a page, and put it in a cache. When someone asks for that page, it is sent from the cache, instead of being regenerated from scratch. The basic goal is to speed up the response of the web server.

This is a separate issue, not related to phpList, so the configuration of this you can read here:

great! and thank you.
i am a beginner.
after i install phplist with the latest version i have a constant message saying
"You have been logged out, because the session token of your request was incorrect"
what can id do?

… and over and over i get the message session time out…

@praxxiz did you solve this yet? Are oyu sue our config settings are correct?

thanks 4 asking
i don’t know
i couldn’t make it
i killed everything
i mean everything and started fresh from the beginning
now it is running ((( )))
thank you!

i just tried it again and no it is not working what i did.
i have to give the admin & password again and again
all this takes to much time
i don’t want to use it any more
befor the upgrade it was working fine
now this again
this software is for nerds
i’m sorry

@anna what ever i do it brings my back to admin login…

@praxxiz This is possibly a problem with the phplist session. Can you send me the admin id/password so that I can try to login? Click my icon to send me a personal message.

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