After Update from 3.2.5 to 3.3.7 phpList shows blank admin page

I have tried to update my working 3.2.5 yesterday to 3.3.7 by uploading the content of lists to my webspace and then moving the saved config.php back where it belongs.
When i then try to go to mywebsite/lists/admin i get a blank website without any content and nothing happens. I had the same issue with a fresh install of 3.3.7 which makes me wonder if some thing is wrong with the webspace itself, but on the other hand 3.2.5 is running fine.
Any ideas?

What PHP version are you using?

According to phpmyadmin the webserver runs 7.1.16

Can you check apache error logs?

Don’t know if it would help, but a recent topic suggested checking your config.php file to make sure that $pageroot=""; rather than $pageroot="/"; when upgrading to 3.3.7

Unfortunately not. The webspace this is running on isn’t the most comfortable when it comes to ease of use and my knowledge of phpMyAdmin is basically not existent.

My config.php doesn’t have that parameter, this is only included in my config_extended.php.

You don’t need to use phpMyAdmin to find the error logs. Look for anything like errors or logs in your webspace’s Control Panel.

Unfortunately there is nothing.
I inherited this role (and the webspace) so i have to work with what’s there, although it’s close to nothing.
I’ll talk to the hoster to see if there is an option that hasn’t been activated.

White screen (WSOD) implies a fatal error, which can be logged to determine the cause. You may need to enable error logging - see

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Now i have some log files. What do i have to look for? Just for the fun of it i have tried to update to 3.3.8 with the same result. When i try to go to the admin page i get a blank page.

Look for PHP errors relating to phpList.