Admin unable to see statistics

Hi There,

I have setup my admin account which works without problem, I am now trying to set up a second admin to view statistics only.
The admin account has been created and I have selected the statistic privileges… but when the admin login there isn’t any campaigns to look at. when I change the account to a super user the campaign stats show.

I know I must be missing something simple… I just can’t see it.

Thanks for your time

The admin can only see their own campaigns. A campaign’s owner is set as the person who created the campaign.

I’m not aware of a way to change the owner of a campaign except by going directly into your phpList database, and updating it there. At that point, your non-superadmin can view the statistics.

The other option is to make your user a super-admin.

Hi Thanks for the response.

I think I may have mis-understood how this works…

When creating a admin you can select the privileges, I took this to mean you can create a user that can check the statistics but not be able to create or send campaigns?

Can you associate more than one admin to a campaign?


I have gone with your recommendation of changing ownership… works perfectly. I am going to create a central Stats admin, once a campaign has run I will then change owbnership to this new account.

Thanks for your help.

Can I suggest that you make a feature request on the phpList mantis (see developers home page about bug reporting) for a “share” button for statistics :slight_smile: I can help you make the request if needed