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Admin can not Process Campaign v3.3.6


I have myself as a Super User and one Admin that I have allowed in Permissions to “Send campaigns”.

But, while the Admin can create Campaigns, Place Campaign in Queue for Sending, as well as assign to a list, they are not given the option to “Process the Queue”.

I’ve searched for similar posts but do not see anything to help. Additionally, the Table phplist_admin.privileges does not seem to have a reference to sending campaigns when compared to the original Admin account that does allow such.


Are only Super Users allowed to process/Send Campaigns?


I don’t think Admins have permission to process the queue (only Super Admins). But you can set up a Cron Job so when the admin submits the campaign it can be processed.


Thanks for the reply…
On a windows server so Cron jobs are not available to my knowledge. Granted I can create Automated Events that are similar, but would need to know what to trigger.


You can use Scheduled Tasks in Windows Server.

But a super simple solution is to use the Remote Queue with PhpList or

Check this


This is an interesting observation about the inability of subadmins to process the queue. Perhaps a notification should be displayed to warn superadmins that they will need to handle queue processing on behalf of subadmins?


I wonder why the logic of not allowing Admins to Process Queues?

Maybe it’s a simple matter of changing a few conditional lines of code?


Giving subadmins the ability to do that would give them control over a system-level, if not server-level process. That seems like a bad idea - one subadmins probably should be allowed to infllfluence the sending of all other admins in that way.