Admin Area Not Showing After Install


I installed PHP list with no major issues other than when you go to lists/admin and try to login, it just loops and doesn’t take you to the login area.

If you view the source, it looks like only the header info is being display as the last listed in Content Goes here and there the re are not footer elements.

Strangely enough, going to lists/ actually allows you to submit your email and join a list even thought I’ve not been able to get into admin and set one up.

I’m stumped?

IT’S ALL BLANK! Okay, remember the message on the Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy? Don’t Panic!

This is usually down to an error creeping in when you altered the config.php file. This can be as minor as deleting a quote or semicolon when you set the database parameters. Go back in to config.php file, text editor, don’t forget and look at each setting you changed.
Each of the lines you altered MUST end with a semi-colon (:wink: also if you accidentally deleted a quote when setting the values for the database or lists paths, that can cause a blank page.

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I found my answer on the old forum.

The config was fine.

Problem was admin/index.php

Had to change this code:
/if (!$ajax) {
print ‘


To this code:
if (!$ajax) {
print ‘



Works great now!

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Any idea how it came to be wrong? Did you edit the code and introduce the error or is this a bug?

I didn’t change anything.

That is how it was downloaded and unzipped from the site.

This is a known problem that was known about and fixed in March but hasn’t been released, see
I can’t guess how many people have been affected by the problem, which could have been avoided simply by releasing the fix.

It’s also causing other issues.

You can’t create a new campaign. It’s just blank.

My thought why it wasn’t released was because they would like you use the monthly payment version.

I’ll have to resort to using maillist in cpanel as the version I downloaded is not workable.

Funny thing is the campaign is being created in the database, but nothing shows on the page.

Just to update, I uninstalled and then installed version 3.0.6 and it works great. I’m now seeing a bunch of stuff that was missing from the newer versions that I did not know was there.

When ever that .mb_ extension was introduced, it seems to have cause many issues for certain servers.

What monthly payment version? phpList is a free download if you host it yourself. The only monthly costs should be your site hosting charges, be it phpList hosting or your own.

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I think he means

To be absolutely clear, the delay between releases is because we have been overhauling the development process, very much for the benefit of the community. We are introducing release candidates, starter bugs and code reviews etc.

I have spent much of my time over the last month or so negotiating improvements to how we collaborate, and we are now coming to the end of that process. I think we have done well, and should be having much better development in the future. I appreciate that it has been less than ideal, but we have a lot to gain too I hope?

and additional monthly cost could be a paid external SMTP server if you wanted it to be integrated on your phplist :slight_smile:

Well, plus the cost of the support you need to make it work right too… not everyone has these skills