Adding Subscribers vs. Unsubscribed

Hello Friends! Note, I am hosted. If I mass add subscribers via copy and paste a list, does PHPList remember those who have unsubscribed in the past, or may I be adding individuals to my newsletter again in error? I cannot find a list of individuals who have unsubscribed, and thus am concerned. How might I check this? Thanks!

I self-host the code but I’m assuming it works approximately the same. When people unsubscribe, they are added to the blacklist. You can see them by going to Subscribers -> Search subscribers, ticking the “Show only blacklisted subscribers” checkbox, and clicking the “Go” button. When you add new subscribers in bulk, those that are already blacklisted will not be included in the import. (I do imports using CSV files but I’m assuming it works the same for copy-and-paste of addresses.)

Thank you so much! I do have folks on my black lists, so things must be working as you describe.