Adding subscribe form to my website


I am interested to add a subscribe form to my website and I was wondering if there is a way I can do that with phplist while not using iFrame.

I have managed to create a Subscribe page and what I would like to do is basically integrate the “Subscribe to our newsletters” in my website’s footer. Is it possible?

Thank you guys!

You can use the instructions for implementing AJAX at

Thanks, I have implemented it as a demo on this page:
According to the guidelines of course.
But it does not seem to work. I receive this error: Sorry, we were unable to process your subscription. when trying to subscribe.
Do you know why? Should I customize something in the script given in the documentation you provided me?


Any help please? I tried to research for a solution and could not find anything.

@moris You need to customise the script to refer to your own phplist installation. In particular

url: ''

needs your domain and subscribe page id.