Adding an admin section to my modified phplist/app


As some of you know… I’m ripping apart the phplist app for a forked/spinoff project. Phplist has some basic functions/look/feel that appears to work as a base.

I’m looking to have multiple users login/join and to be able to assign/grant different access roles for the users. So, I’m going to need to create/add an Admin function to the app.

I’m looking at ripping/modifying the Admin function from the dotProject App… and merging the function into the “new” app.

My need for the “admin” function… I’m going to have users who will be able to access/run different menu/content/features of my app. The admin process allows the user to run the different features depending on the role/access of the user.

There will be additional tbls, possible mods to tbl schema, as well as additional files/logic with possible logic/mods to existing files…

Anyone have thoughts/comments on this?


@tsmith It would be nice if the additional access control system that you add for subadmins was usable by other phpList users in that it extended the existing subaccount system. Additional control over access to different parts of the app would be useful to others, and once merged into phpList 3 would be maintained by others as well, sharing the technical burden on yourself.

If you have specific questions about how to add permissions for different features then please ask away.

Some issues that may be interesting to you:

Also there is a know issue that subadmins can view subscriber pages for subscribers they should not have access to if they manipulate the subscriber ID in the URL.