Adding an additional Button in Menu

I recently installed v3.31 and have no problem with sending out mail in a campaign, however I have a suggestion for your development team, which they might consider: I have installed phpList in a subfolder on my root of the server, so admin is operating in 2 folders, e.g., root/lists/admin.

When I am finished and log out, I either have to close the tab/window or type in my root index.php to exit the list area. I would like to see in Settings an additional field that shows “Site Home Page”, and then the edit button, and field, where i could add the full URL to my homepage on the Site. This link then can be placed at the bottom of Subscribe and unsubscribe, etc., pages as:
"[homepage] ". I can tweak most php pages, but I can’t find the page where I can add this menu option. Perhaps it should be, instead, above or below the line at the bottom of each page. So users such as myself and other Admins could log out and just hit the Home Page Button.

Thanks. I hope I’ve described this suggestion in a way you will understand what I am asking in the phpList Script.
Thank you for your consideration in this Request, and I can be reached at for any update notices on this request.

Jake Jaccard,
Winchester, TN USA
The Site where I have phpList is at - Welcome Aboard!

By Subscribe/Unsubscribe pages, do you mean the public pages where people can subscribe, or unsubscribe, to your lists?

If so, Admin cpanel, Config>Subscribe Pages, choose your page to amend, then add < a href=“website url”>Home Page</ a> around the < div id=“footer”> in the footer box.

If you want to add the same to the logout admin page, I think the file you want is admin/ui/default/ and again, add the above link into the div id=footer section.

Edit: Actually file and if you are using the dressprow template, then you should edit the admin/ui/dressprow/ file