Adding Admin's in 3.2.3 pw token error

setup a new install of 3.2.3 and when trying to add new admins I get the error below. The system adds the new person but will not send a password notification; therefore new Admin’s cannot login (no password)… Any help would be appreciated

"Error sending password change token
Changes saved"

php 5.5.26
Linux server
MySQL 5.6.25

How are you sending via phpList? there needs to be an admin email set up in the config settings in the first place, have you set this up already?

I set up the default admin just fine… no token necessary. It is when I set up additional admin’s where I get the error.

the site I am using for 3.2.3 is a test site and you are welcome to look at it if you desire.

Any recomendations or a work around?

Hey, can you reply to that bit too :smile:

I am sending from the original admin account activated when 323 was installed.
It is additional Admin’s where the problem shows.

Sorry, I thought I had replied.

this is happening on two different websites… anyone have a clue as to the problem?
is there a php extension that is necessary?

And you can send emails (campaigns, test email via campaign?) without problems?
Have you got the new admin’s email entered in their subscriber profile?

Yes, i have been able to send campaigns from the start… No problems… Using the default admin account!
The only problem I have is adding new Admins. It takes all of the information but will not allow a password because no token can be sent to set one up. It saves all of their info but you cannot login with their account because there is no password

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Dragonrider wrote:

Just looked at one of my installs and added a new administrator.
YOU cannot set a password for the new admin, an email is sent to their email address and they then click on a link in that email to set their own password. Just make sure you set the password (hidden) Update it to yes.

Does that solve your issue?

No it does not… I am aware of what you said. I set up several new admins with an email I own and have the program send to me. Unfortunately the program is no longer sending the password token. As I said before I can send you privately the admin password and site info and allow you to look at the install to view what happens when you try to add a new admin. I am at a lose as to the problem.

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Dragonrider wrote:

@johntrot Are you able to send any other “system” messages, such as preferences change, or subscribe confirmation?

I have reset 323 with a new clean database and cannot even send a test message, preferences, or any thing else. The same thing is true of trying to setup new admins (cannot set them up). I don’t want to upgrade from 321 before I get this corrected.
My config.file is working in 321 and things are good on the production site.

On your test server, can you install phplist 3.2.1 using the same database and config file as you are using for 3.2.3 to see whether that works?

I will do that later today.

After installing 321 on the test site. I used the config file from the production site (with website specific changes) and nothing worked. It was just like the 323 setup;
The Admin password token would not sent, could not send a test message, could not send a campaign.

After talking to my web service personnel they checked and the smtp info used on both the production site and the test site was incorrect even though it was working on the production site. (Duncan, if you remember me talking to you about a slowdown while entering info on campaigns, that was a symptom of the problem). There were two lines of php code that were not on the test site in the php ini file…
After changing the smtp info on both the production and the test site all is working well. Actually the slow down on the production site while entering campaign info is now gone.

Thank You for your time.