Adding a "Send As New" button to already sent messages

I switched to phpList from Pommo. They had a very nice feature that allowed you resend a message to the same list. I used it often. Is this something anyone on the development team has considered as a plugin?

One thing, [TODAY] would need to be today’s actual date and not the date of the original message.

Hi, do you mean resend the same content again?

If I send “message A” on Monday and want to send “message A” again to the same list on Friday for example.

But like, identical content to the same people? Surely they will get bit annoyed and leave your list?

Sometimes yes.

  1. I send out emails for my customers. Sometimes they want the same email
    sent twice 10 -14 days apart
  2. I have customers who one day may be offering baseballs for sale and a
    week later offer footballs. I would use the same email but change 1 word
    (or 2) instead of starting from scratch
  3. Sometimes I send out an announcement and the only thing different is a
    due by date.

For me this is a nice feature. Something where you could click a button on
a sent email and mirror image of it would appear as a fresh email waiting
to go out in the draft section.

Ok, so things to consider

  1. each campaign has a unique id
  2. subscribers will never be send the same campaign (id) twice - only ever once)
  3. this means if you set up a campaign on Monday, you can re-queue it every day of the week and it will only go to people who subscribed since Monday (which is a great feature)
  4. You can set up a repeating campaign - this basically clones the campaign and gives it a new ID, and allows the campaign to be sent again. It’s designed for RSS campaigns or Send A Webpage, where the content changes. Theoretically if you wanted to do 1. on your list you could use that (but I would advise not to, it will probably get you marked as a spammer).

So, with regards to similar content I think really you need to copy and paste. You could mess about with repeating campaigns and editing them etc but you will almost certainly end up sending it to some people twice which really should be avoided if you want to not get blacklisted.

Hope that helps


Requeue isn’t the answer for what I need. I will be sending either the
same exact email a second time or a very similar one where I only need t
change a few words. Having to copy and paste an old old email just adds
some extra steps.

Thank you for considering it. I still believe it would be a useful tool
for a lot of people.

Well, with re-queue you could do it like this (but it has risks as I mentioned)

  1. edit old campaign, change your few words
  2. set up a re-queue which will only run one time (set end date for the next day and send daily or something)
  3. put it back in the queue, it won’t sent to anyone as they already received it
  4. the next day it will re-queue and he changed version will be sent to everyone

The two downsides to this hack are

  1. you can’t add any new subscribers to the list between send 1 and the re-queue or the original message will be sent to them.
  2. It takes at least 1 day to send the revised campaign (maybe you can do an hourly re-queue not sure, you would have to be really precise with your timings, or manually go in and pause the campaign after the first send.

Either way, I struggle to envisage a situation where sending almost identical content is a great idea, being honest. I agree being able to clone old campaigns is a nice idea in theory though :smile: You could make a feature request or +1 an old one.

The Campaigns plugin will copy the content of a campaign into a new one. You still need to edit the new campaign to select the lists and submit it though.

Hi Anna,

Here is an example of when you would want to send the same email, we do this often. Our clients are advertising aircraft or aviation services. They sometimes want to advertise the aircraft on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until it is sold. Sometimes we make no changes to the content, sometimes we make minor changes to say the subject line, headline, price, etc. We typically copy the source code from the broadcast that has already finished and just paste it into the new campaign. We document the unique ID in our scheduling system so we can easily call up the most recent broadcast.

Hope that helps :smile:

Yes, that is helpful. I will discuss this with some of the developers and see what they think too :smile:


For this you can just use re-send then, it just created a new copy of the campaign and sends it to the same list again. To make changes you could just edit it and re-queue it again. That should work fine in this specific case I think.