Add users programmatically: with or without UUID?

Hi, to keep Phplist synched with our office db (postgres), I wrote a small programme with some queries to add subscribers who asked to receive the newsletter by mail, phone etc. I took inspiration from very very old thread. Now, looking at the curl option with csv I realized the new subscribers don’t have UUID, they get it at the first message sent (right?). So my question is, when I run “insert into phplist_user_user” etc. for a new subscriber the UUID value has to be given (as I did) or not?


@barbara It is probably best to set the UUID to null when inserting and let phplist assign a uuid when it first tries to send to that subscriber. I don’t think that the uuid is used for anything else.


excellent, thank you! (also for answering on holiday time)
that sounds much better - recently I had some problems (solved) that I suspect were related to my uuid

@barbara I was in same problem thanks bro you define the solution of UUID. Really nice work you have done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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