Add Subscriber page to WP site

I have looked at the manual and posts, including “How do I integrate the subscribers page into my website” and still dont understand.

I tried the ‘Sign Me Up’ widget, and it works OK except that the user can’t select attributes. I would like to have a subscriber page integrated into the website that allows additions such as their name and attribute selections.

Is there somewhere I can find how to make a subscriber page within WP without having to know js, etc?


What you are describing is possible, but it is a more complex task. Are you self-hosting or using


Self-hosting. At this point, I’ve simply put in a link to the “” page. It’s not pretty, but it works OK.

BTW, I found no information in the manual on how to do this. Did I miss it?

There is some stuff about subscribe pages, but anything that involves actually putting the page onto wordpress is beyond the remit of the manual - it is simply technical work for a web designer.

How many subscribers you have and how many mails you send etc? Looking for the right way to get you good value support.