Add fonts to phplist?

What is the preferred way to add fonts to phplist?

Using v3.5.8 on Ubuntu.

Using CKEditorPlugin

Not sure what you mean by “adding” fonts but the subscription pages support adding fonts in the personalized header (ie Google fonts).

You can add fonts styles, js, etc in the Header and open the “body” and containers.
In the footer you can then close containers and “/body”, etc

Hope it’s of help.

Hi @luison and thanks for the advice.
For clarity when you say “subscription pages” do you mean the subscribe page where people sign up at config --> subscribe pages?

I’m really more interested in adding font libraries to the Campaigns --> Send a Campaign --> Start a new Campaign page.

Not really very clear to me what area of phplist you are referring to although it sounds very useful.

I was refering to the subscription pages yes. For email delivery I guess is all to do with email templates and contents.

Not sure how you can include specific fonts in an email as if your recipient does not have these fonts on their computer, they will not see them.

Good point. My install of phplist however only shows 9 fonts - there area many, many more fonts of which a lot of them are present on a lot of systems. My aim is to add more fonts that are usually on default installs of windows, linux and Mac.

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Re including custom font in a email mailout - Is there not a way install a font on a server like you would an image - then when someone downloads the images in the newsletter the fonts load aswell?

Would be interested to understand if this is at all possible.

Any solution ? I new to add a font to my phplist instance.
I’d to know if phplist add custom fonts to email automatically ?
I’ll try to add a font to ckeditor but not sure it is going to work !