Add bootsrap to Subscribe Pages

I would like to add bootsrap to the form contained in a Subscribe Page. I have addeded bootsrap to the header and footer using the provided template. Now I need to add bootsrap code to the form contained in the Subscribe Page.

What phplist file contains the code that generates the form in Subscribe Pages?

Thanks in advance for any guidance provided on this question.

-Beau Sanders

Hi @BeauSanders and a belated welcome to the phpList forum!

The answer is it depends what part of the subscribe page you’re referring to. The input fields and their labels are generated automatically depending on the configuration options for the subscribe page that you choose. That is designed for convenience, but it makes it difficult to change how they are displayed. To do so you’d need to look at the logic probably of index.php in this folder (I may be misremembering the, root around).

The other parts of the page should be easily editable by changing the HTML on the settings page either for the subscribe page in question, or on the settings page of your installation (that changes defaults for all future subscribe pages).

In case it’s helpful to know, The HTML is stored in the database and theoretically you can edit it directly there, though there should not be any need to do that. Already jQuery is included on subscribe pages, and in a recent update of phpList the the default HTML was changed by updating the default SQL that is used for those.

If you edit the logic of the pages then please share a patch here or in a pull request on GitHub, if appropriate, so that others may benefit too. Thanks!

Thanks, Sam. I appreciate your answer. I installed the necessary Bootstrap 3 code for to load the css and js libaries. The subscribe page is responsive. The last part of this project was to make the form responsive as well, but that appears to be more of a challenge. I may work on that down the road.

I appreciate your response and the fantastic job all of the phplist developers are doing. Keep up the good work.

-Beau Sanders


@BeauSanders The subscribe page appears to have been created on an earlier release of phplist that uses older default header and footer that are not responsive. You can reset the style of a subscribe page to the new responsive default.

See this subscribe page to see how text rewraps and input fields are resized

It is probably safer to try this on a new test subscribe page first or backup the database

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Thanks Duncan, that is a great suggestion. You are correct that the subscribe I am using has been around a long time. I will rebuild it today from scratch as you suggest. This is a big help.

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