Add an Inline SVG

I tried adding a small SVG to the “Compose Message” section, but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there something special I need to do to add an inline SVG?

<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 448.2 216.3">
  <g id="Layer_2" data-name="Layer 2">
    <g id="Layer_1-2" data-name="Layer 1">
	  <polygon class="cls-1" points="2.4 123.7 71.6 54.5 95.6 78.5 50.5 123.7 2.4 123.7"/><path d="M71.6,55.9,94.2,78.5,50.1,122.6H4.8L71.6,55.9m0-2.8L0,124.7H50.9L97,78.6,71.6,53.1Z"/>
	  <polygon class="cls-2" points="311.2 53.1 286 78.3 332.4 124.7 382.8 124.7 311.2 53.1"/>
	  <polygon class="cls-2" points="376.6 53.1 351.4 78.3 397.8 124.7 448.2 124.7 376.6 53.1"/>
	  <polygon class="cls-1" points="263.5 123.7 191.5 51.7 119.5 123.7 69.3 123.7 191.5 1.4 313.8 123.7 263.5 123.7"/>
	  <path d="M191.5,2.8l76.9,76.9,43,43H264l-19.3-19.3L192.9,51.6l-1.4-1.4-1.4,1.4-52,52-19,19H71.7l42.7-42.7L191.5,2.8m0-2.8L113,78.5,66.9,124.6H120L139.6,105l52-52,51.8,51.8,19.8,19.8h53.1L269.9,78.2,191.5,0Z"/>
	  <path class="cls-3" d="M17.6,185.3v31H0V138.1H80.1v14.1H17.6v19H75.7v14.1Z"/>
	  <path class="cls-3" d="M185.4,216.3l-36.8-59.5L111,216.3H91.4L142,138.1h13l50.3,78.2Z"/>
	  <path class="cls-3" d="M233.2,216.3V138.1h71.3c22,0,28.7,7.7,28.7,23.1V194c0,14.7-6.7,22.3-28.7,22.3Zm82.4-55.1c0-7.7-2.3-9-11-9H250.8V202h53.8c8.7,0,11-1.3,11-8.3Z"/>
	  <path class="cls-3" d="M367.6,216.3V138.1h80.1v14.1H385.2v15.7h59.2v14.2H385.2v20h62.5v14.2Z"/>

You will need to show the html that you entered and the result.

Oh, shoot. Sry. I should have done that. I’ll edit the original message.

@jkalla That looks ok for me in Firefox and Chrome

Yes, but when I put it in the “Compose Message” section and send myself the email, it’s blank. I know the SVG is good.

Silly question and not wanting to put my oar in too much when you have Duncan helping, but are you sending it as HTML or Text message to yourself?

Yes, I wondered that too!

Sending it as an HTML.

Oooh! I viewed the email as source in Outlook and it looks like the SVG is actually there. Maybe Outlook 2016 and OWA don’t allow inline SVGs. I should have thought of that earlier. Do you think that’s likely?

---- OK. I found that Outlook does NOT really support SVGs. (see I guess my question is answered. Thank you both!