[ACTION REQUIRED] How do you use phpList?

Hello everyone,
On the user manual, there is a page describing how phpList is used by various organizations worldwide and I am looking for more case studies to add there. This page:

Do you use phpList for

  • Marketing purposes?
  • Educational purposes? (university, private classes, etc)
  • Within your company/ organization/ public institution? (to notify employees about company updates for example)
  • One-time event updates?

I know for sure that there maaaany phpList installations out there and it would be great to see how phpList makes your life easier.

Even if you are a phpList reseller (meaning that you manage phpList for clients of yours), I would love to hear your story.

If you are interested in adding your use case to that page, you can comment on this thread or message me privately. To message me privately, click on my profile picture and click “Message”.