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Got a problem? This is the place to talk about it. Got skills and time? This is the place to use them to help others!

If you are seeking help
Before you post, take a look at the phpList users home page. It tells you exactly what you need to do, in which order, to get help with phpList. There is also a guide to writing great forum posts; the better your post, the better the help you will get. It takes only a little time to learn these skills and the benefits are substantial.

If you are offering help
Well first of thank you - you are amazing! Secondly, please also read our forum guide: you can refer novice posters to particular sections to save yourself time, plus it’s got some useful info for you too!

Remember: If you get frustrated, take a break… feed the birds… drink some tea. Helping people on-line can be tricky work. The lovelier you are, the better our community vibe!


If you had some help recently, why not help someone in return! If you have been helping our a lot recently, why not ask a question and be helped in return. It’s good to be in each others shoes, no?

Absolutly yes ! Thank you for your words!

Hi, I’m in need of help! I’ve been using phplist for the last couple of years - my boss installed it for me to use. However now it needs to be upgraded and sadly my boss passed away in August and so I have no idea how to upgrade it. I have read through all the instructions however I am not really trained in computer technicalities so don’t have much of a clue how to do it - can anyone help me, please? Thank you Cressida