A few general questions for suitability for my application


I have a basic question because I am looking for mailer software for a specific purpose:

I need to resend an email with an access link to XY users whose data is in a MySQL DB, because there were delivery problems with various ESP, which have now been solved.

The script should not send the mails all at once, but mail by mail with a few seconds pause in between. The request is of a serious nature and I want to avoid ESP classifying the resending of the confirmation URLs as spam.

I could, for example, generate a CSV or similar with the following lines from the existing database:

Username, email address, confirmation URL

If I have read this correctly, I can then import this file into phplist and then send personalized mails, e.g.

Dear [username],

Unfortunately, our mail with the following confirmation link (double opt-in) could not be delivered to you because there were problems with the mail server of your ESP:

[confirmation URL]

Best regards

Can I use phplist for this purpose?

Thanks and kind regards

It’s a pity that such a question can’t be answered off the cuff.

Kind regards

Yes, it can be used this way. phpList can send a message to a list of email addresses (called users). There are placeholders to personalize the emails.