429 too many requests

I have a phpList installation that has been running well for 10 years. Suddenly we are getting a generic error “429 too many requests” when working on a new campaign. It can appear when clicking Save and continue editing or when moving to the next tab. It happened last week and self-resolved after a day - but has returned and continues.

I have removed a MessageStatisticsPlugin plugin and tested with the same result. The only other plugin enabled is CommonPlugin and I have disabled that and tested with the same result.

I have upgraded the installation and database to the latest version 3.6.7 and the error still occurs.

Any suggestions on where to check next would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

To close this out in case anyone else encounters it… My hosting provider had some new rate limiting security software that would block us if we did too much. I think their settings must be too aggressive but I don’t pay a lot for the service, so whatever.
They did whitelist our source IP addresses to fix the issue.

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