404 error message upon install..lists/admin no work!

Did everything manually. If I knew how to add phplist through softaculous I would do it that way.

In any case, I did it manually.

A: Got the lists folder to the public_html folder
B: changed the database names to the appropriate names in config file
C:made sure the directory and its permissions are on 755 while the files are on 644.

What should I check for next…Could it be an .htaccess problem?

http://mydomain.org/lists/admin or just /lists receives a 404 error message as if to say the directory isn’t there…

Please help…

Ohh yeah…

It should be noted that I’m running CSF on my dedicated server as well…not sure if that would block or cause any problems…?

This issue is usually that B is wrong, some issue in config file.

only lists folder need to be copy to your webserver document folder
ex. In centOs it is /var/www/html/

so ur path will be /var/www/html/lists

http://mydomain.org/lists/admin is correct one

This is already the case nitnet2k. its in the public html folder just the lists folder.

so when i go to mydomain.org/lists/admin i still get the 404 error message.

I’m ssh’ing now into my server to verify the location but any other suggestions?

the directory structure most be different… /www/html is not present.but the lists folder is within the public_html folder just like everything else…so I’m not sure if that is the issue…

anyone else have any suggestions?

I can’t believe I’m going to have to go aweber or some paid list builder when phplist has worked perfectly in the past.

Does anyone know any paid services that can help me get this resolved??

Paid Services for phpList: https://www.phplist.org/paid-support/

What is $pageroot set to in your config/config.php file? By default phpList expects to find the lists folder directly “below” your domain, ie: www.domain.com/lists
If this is not the case, then you need to add $pageroot="/path/lists"; to your config.php file where path is the directory where you’ll find the lists directory/folder.

Quickest way for us to check things would be for you to give us the path to your phpList installation, or if you don’t want to share it publically, pick someone to share it via Instant Message and let a fresh pair of eyes look to see if there is anything that you’ve missed.

To send an IM, I think you have to click on their username then click on Message.

Dragon good sir, could I pm you the path. The biggest thing is that I’d hate to pay for this service if its something stupidly simple that I’m missing. But if it requires some fixing that a professional could do, then I don’t mind paying. But I"m going to be extremely pissed, lol, if its just something like a period where it shouldn’t be in the config file or something of that nature.

the pageroot is it at its default…/lists…this is a fresh installation…not sure if i mentioned that…

You may pm me your site’s URL (path) with pleasure and I’ll try to see if there is anything “stupidly simple” there. :slight_smile: