3.4.7 Release Candidate ready for testing

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A Release Candidate for upcoming phpList 3.4.7 is now available for testing.

Changes to test

  1. Switch to Parsing CSV files by CSV standard - rfc4180
    Thanks to @vaceklu and @duncanc for initiating and implementing the changes.
  1. Correct the display of select list configuration item that sometimes displays the option value instead of the option text – thanks to @duncanc, see the pull request

  2. Fix missing β€œ=” in some html elements – thanks to @duncan, see the pull request

  3. To make it easy to view the archive of community news, the widget title is now linked to the news page.

Download the Release Candidate here (see also β€˜Upgrading’).



Upgrade from releases older that phpList 3.3.7-RC1 following the usual upgrade process

Use the Automatic Updater if you are running phpList 3.3.7 or later.

Use your phpList as normal, and report any new problems that you find.

Activating the REST API

If you haven’t checked the REST API yet, you can see the dedicated chapter in the manual to help you get started with it: API and Integrations

Reporting issues

This RC is available for testing until the final release expected on October 11th. If a new RC will be necessary based on the feedback shared, an announcement will be posted in advance.

Report any issues you find with phpList3 to the phpList Bugtracker, selecting β€œ3.4.7-RC1” as the Product Version.

Use the usual bug fixing process if you know how to fix it.

Report any issues you find with phpList 4 core or REST API to the corresponding repo on GitHub.

Please read the contribution guide on how to contribute and how to run the unit tests and style checks locally.

Happy testing!