3.4.1 Release Candidate Ready for testing

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A Release Candidate is now available for testing. This release introduces changes to the REST API and the Automatic Updater.


This update makes the API calls accessible via shorter URLs, e.g:

Base URL: http://example.com/lists/api/v2/
Authentication: http://example.com/lists/api/v2/sessions

Please make sure to have htaccess and mod_rewrite enabled.

Automatic Updater

The Automatic Updater now handles your plugins folder more conveniently, so any plugins outside the default suite that you are using will no longer be removed (Please consider that the old version of the updater will pull this update so, this one will remove them.)

Information about paid community support and phplist.com hosting is now shown during the Automatic Update process.

Other changes to look for:

  • Added check for the config table prefix so the Updater can be used in installation that have a different table prefix from the standard one (Example: Softaculous)
  • Use the correct variable for the custom forward footer when forwarding to avoid empty footer on the recepient – thanks to @Duncanc
  • Added check for modules required by phpList and display the PHP module that is missing to avoid white page display

Full list of changes here

If you have experienced issues with previous installations please install this update and see if those issues are resolved.

Download the Release Candidate here if you are running a version older than 3.3.7-RC1.


Activating the REST API

All these and more are added on a dedicated chapter on the manual, API and Integrations


Upgrade from releases older that phpList 3.3.7-RC1following the usual upgrade process
Use the Automatic Updater if you are running phpList 3.3.7 or latter.

Use your phpList as normal, and report any new problems you find.

Reporting issues

This RC is available for testing until Wednesday, April 10 as a new RC will be released later on the week.

Report any issues you find with phpList3 to the phpList Bugtracker, selecting β€œ3.4.1-RC1” as the Product Version.
Use the usual bug fixing process if you know how to fix it.

Report any issues you find with phpList 4 core or REST API to the corresponding repo on GitHub.
Please read the contribution guide on how to contribute and how to run the unit tests and style checks locally.

Happy testing!

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Hi everyone,

A new RC for version 3.4.1 is available for testing . Available for manual download here.
This RC includes a fix for the blank public pages problem introduced with installations upgraded to 3.4.0 so, if your account was affected please test and let us know if it’s working properly on your system.

If you find any issues on this RC please create a mantis ticket with the version number set to 3.4.1-RC2 so that we can keep trace of the last version that issue was present at.

Thanks for your time and happy testing!