1and1 SMTP Email Send Failure

I’ve had PHPList working before on my 1and1 (1&1 one and one shared server) but after an upgrade from version 3.something to version 3.2.5 (PHP version 2.5) it will no longer send emails.

The debug function returns the following error;
Connection: opening to, timeout=5, options=array ()
Connection: opened
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is ""
SMTP -> get_lines(): $str is "220 perfora.net (mreueus003) Nemesis ESMTP Service ready"
SERVER -> CLIENT: 220 perfora.net (mreueus003) Nemesis ESMTP Service ready
CLIENT -> SERVER: EHLO [my-domain]
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is ""
SMTP -> get_lines(): $str is "250-perfora.net Hello [my-domain] []"
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is "250-perfora.net Hello [my-domain] []"
SMTP -> get_lines(): $str is "250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN"
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is "250-perfora.net Hello [my-domain] []250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN"
SMTP -> get_lines(): $str is "250-SIZE 69920427"
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is "250-perfora.net Hello [my-domain] []250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN250-SIZE 69920427"
SMTP -> get_lines(): $str is "250 STARTTLS"
SERVER -> CLIENT: 250-perfora.net Hello [my-domain] []250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN250-SIZE 69920427250 STARTTLS
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is ""
SMTP -> get_lines(): $str is "220 OK"
SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.
SMTP -> get_lines(): $data is “”

SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting

I’ve checked the troubleshooting document but that hasn’t helped either.

Threw my old (working) config.php in which contains the following lines;

define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘’);
define(‘SMTP_USERNAME’, ‘[email@my-domain]’);
define(‘SMTP_PASSWORD’, ‘[my-pass]’);

Now the IP and port number are not what 1and1 suggest but the SMTP server won’t respond using the ones in their docs and as stated, prior to the upgrade this all worked.

Would anyone who has version 3.2.5 on 1and1 shared servers be so kind as to share their config.php file?

Or could anyone shed any light on this issue?

Please note I have searched previous topics in the forum and found none that apply specifically to this situation.

Bump, no one else using 1and1 servers?

Can anyone recommend another hosting solution which may work?

Looking at the UK 1&1 SMTP settings help page it does seem to suggest that you should be using port 587 for outgoing TLS, not 25?

Thanks for the help, but port 587 doesn’t work. I saw the same documentation but when using that port# it can’t even connect to exchange credentials.

The debug function returns the following error;
Connection: opening to, timeout=5, options=array ()
SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)
SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting

When I spoke to 1&1 they suggested to try port 25 which at least got me 1 step closer, but they are no more help than this and have confirmed the settings I am using are correct despite the fact they do not work.

Some of these settings don’t exist, such as SMTP_USERNAME. You should look at the config.php and config_extended.php files to use the correct settings

define('PHPMAILERHOST', '');
define('SMTP_USERNAME', '[email@my-domain]');
define('SMTP_PASSWORD', '[my-pass]');

Dear all,
Any body help me to resolve smtp connection issue…
i am try almost all smtp setting , and from web solution but as i send test
it got fail by connect other smtp setting. from phplist… but when i send from default setting…
it work fine.

I want to use third party smtp … host on other server. or self server but want to use mta as postfix. or exim but it fail please any body share working config.php file… or tips…


you need to know what the settings are, and then input them into the config.php file.

To determine the settings, use a client like “thunderbird” or “outlook”, let the client figure out the settings, then you know what to put into config.php.

Can you post the settings that were determined by the client above?