Working method to delete multiple users needed

I havent seen any workign method to delete multiple users.

We are emailing through PHPList to members of association and we have to have a method to remove those email which are not a member any more (because Gdpr).

Some said that deleting all data from three database table remove all user but what if i have users on single list which i would like to keep without deleting.

Second way was some blacklisting/bouncecount method but that is not working on mass deleting users. Or i havent seen any way to blacklist multiple users.

Is the only way to backup (export) users i want to keep, delete sql tables and import exporter users backto list?

I am using PHPList 3.5.2.

@pcadmin You can use the Subscribers plugin. On the Manage Plugins page follow the “find plugins” link to see the plugin documentation.

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