With API Installation to come {"code":405,"message":"Method Not Allowed"}

Hi, sorry for my English…

My PhpList Version 3.6.2

My server is Apache

On my .htaccess File from my server, I have RewriteEngine On

I installed PhpList on one sub-domain

I to tried to installed API and integrations as here to say, when write on Browser https://www.mywebsite.com/lists/api/v2/sessions to come,

When test the API with Curl as the exampale to say,

curl --request POST --url https://www.my_website.com/lists/api/v2/sessions --header 'Content-Type: application/json'--data '{"login_name": "admin","password": "my_password"}

to come,

The File public_html/lists/base/vendor/phplist/core/config/config_prod.yml to show,


Now to change the file as here to say … Cache empty…

and how to see on mine file,


and when write on my Browser https://www.my_website.com/lists/api/v2/sessions to come,


In Terminal with Curl to come same as before…and I to Understand, In can login it…that problem is login in Browser…mybe that problem as here to say,

Non-superuser administrators cannot authenticate via the REST API.

Now when login as root on Browser a write


that question is, how login as administrator on REST API, because https://my-website.com/lists/api/v2/sessions not working…

So, i installed all new and doing as API and integrations to say…

and now to come this error,

The Table who to say doesn’t exist start with the name from my databe than to come .phplist_config

in Github speaking about this problem… https://github.com/phpList/phplist3/issues/583

so, i found the solution for my problem…

I made in the installation Two errors

1 - I installed PhpList from my Host,

before the install it, asked which one name for Prefix I’ll give, and I to let it empty…when I should writed phplist_ , as here to say…

2 - I installed the rest-api plugin from the Github Site, when I should installed it from my PhpList Site, in my PhpList on Config > Manage plugins, and at the Top, in Left site, click on Find plugins and to come a List from Plugins too the rest-api

Now to tried API to configured, because to come this Window…

When call the Site with Curl, to come this,

How i Understand it is the Site on Html format, but don’t to come a thing like as this ?