Will RESTAPI plugin work with phpList 3.3.5?

@samtuke Hi Sam, you were a big help to me when I first installed RESTAPI plugin a little over a year ago. I’m about to upgrade phpList from 3.3.1 to 3.3.5. My code is heavily integrated with the RESTAPI plugin, which on my phpList “About” page says:
RESTAPI version 3
but the Readme says:
This repository contains the REST API Plugin v1 for phpList 3.

My question is: when I upgrade phpList, will the RESTAPI plugin still work? Or do I need to upgrade it also - and if so, to which version, the one that works with phpList 4? Would that work with my phpList 3 installation?


@hollycochran Happy to hear that! Yes the API situation can be confusing. Basically the version 3 that you see on the ‘about’ page is version 3 of version 1. As the repository page says, that line is discontinued and unmaintained. The new API is based on phpList 4 and works differently.

However the good news is that your existing code is likely compatible with the latest version of phpList 3 without any changes, depending on what you use it for. I haven’t done any testing of old API in years, but you must do this before you do the complete upgrades to make sure that the various functions you use work.

I think the change that is most likely to introduce problems is the updated Link tracking in the database. Links are now hashed before they are stored, and depending on how the old API plugin interacts with these links, that could be an issue. However I’m not even sure if that API interacted with these links directly, so it might be fine. Just do your testing to ensure everything still works, including tracking URL in email.

@samtuke I am pleased to report that upgrading to 3.3.5 did not affect the workings of the RESTAPI. I don’t use the link tracking feature - I use the API to log into phpList from my site code, check to see if a person is subscribed, allow them to unsubscribe or modify their subscriber info. It’s all working great!

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That’s great to hear!