Will not send Newsletters

This might be a little lengthy so please stay with me. I will tell what happened, what the program is doing, and what I have tried so far. Let me start by saying that before this all started the program was working fine.

The host I use to hold my websites did a migration because they said what they were using would be discontinued by the end of the year. Like any update, upgrade or change of any kind things never work right afterwards. None of the programs I use worked, PHPLists being one of them. I have just now been able to get my FTP back and now can get to the files so if someone can tell me where to go and what to change I should be able to fix the issue.

I can get into PHPLists on my computer, People can subscribe to my newsletters from my website. I can edit and remove subscribers from my lists. And as best I can tell I can do everything needed to send a newsletter. When I go to send it there is a problem and they will not go through. I get this error SMTP connect() failed.

I have tried looking at the troubleshooting but did not help. I have checked out the mail account on my site and all looks fine. The way I have it set up is that PHPLists sends the newsletters to my website mail account which then forwards it to another email account which I think then sends it out or actually sends it from my website email. Not sure but I have tested and I can send an emil to my website email account and it then send it out so from the point from my website email to receiving all works fine. I have tried the test option of the PHPLists and it said it did not work. That means I have narrowed it down to having problem somewhere between sending the newsletter and the website email receiving it.

At first I thought it was a password issue. because the website email password was changed but I do not think the program needs the password as all it does is to send the newsletter to the website email account but I do not know. I also know the whole line of fies was changed in the migration but if that were the problem then how am I able to get to my files and update subscribers? If I go into Log of events I find all worked until the time they did the migration. and all of the issues say Error sending email to…

I have been over all the possible things I can change from the program itself and cannot find anywhere I can update any passwords sites, or restraints. I have all the information and changes that was made, I think. I just do not know what to change or how to find out so I would appreciate some help in getting this back online.

Thanks for your time and help in advance,

Hi Paul, sounds like when your email password was changed, you need to change it in the config.php file perhaps?

Finally after many contacts with my host we were able to work it out. The password change was just one of the issues but letting me know what file to make changes in was what I needed to know. I greatly appreciate all the help received.

I have a second question but will post in a separate thread. It is a general question that others might also be interested in.

Thanks again,