Wich hosting I should use

Hi all! :smiley: First at all, sorry if my english is not good :sweat_smile:, and thanks for making this awesome program/forum.

I want to send aproximately 1200 emails per week, just for notifications and invitations.

The question is: ¿How much requirements I need on the hosting? I suppose not much… But I need to ensure it will not marked as SPAM. ¿How I made that? (Aside of the content itself, and all precautions necessary in the campaign)…

¿should I buy a hosting with a dedicated ip? ¿Or a free hosting would be enough? ¿I need a domain?

Sorry for these stupid questions, but I never tried something like this jaja… I have good knowledge on linux, middle on web servers, but anything on email servers… :confused: (if this is a email server xD)

Anyway… I hope someone can help me please.
Thank you. Bye! :smiley:

Hi, and welcome!

1400 emails per week works out to:
1400/7 = 200 emails per day
or about 10 emails per hour. (if they go out evenly over the week.)

You would WANT a domain, if you get a dedicated ip, you will not be blacklisted due to what other people are doing on a shared ip, so that might be a good idea.

Thank you men! I will search for this :smiley:

Sorry. i have another question :flushed:.

A personal computer wouldn’t it be sufficient? I mean, a linux computer (mine) with a web server installed. And, in this case, I would need a domain anyway? I just want to send mails as no spam.

would be? (i’m trying to spend as little as possible) thx :smiley:

You should also consder using the phplist hosted service. To send up to 2,000 emails per month costs only $5.00/month, see https://phplist.com/pricing

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I tried it, but the mail was sent to the spam box :confused:


Did you ask for help via the http://phplist.com/contactus? We can usually help with these matters.

How do you know this? Was it your testing emails etc? Or a low open rate?

phpList.com looks after whitelists etc, it’s unusual for a mail to a genuine subscriber to go to spam in my opinion.


phpList community manager

Sorry for the delay.

I made a test mail with friends. All was sent to spam box.

I will try again. If it does not work, I will contact there. Thx.

A server in home will not work?

I tried again -> Spam box :disappointed:

Ok, use this form https://www.phplist.com/chooseplan and I will figure out what the problem is for you :smile: