Why the message can not send out?

I just follow the step 1 to the finish step, I set up a schedule to send out the campaign.
after click the finish, I click the complete button, and the campaign in the status of active, there is a embargo time, so I watch that timer, when it went to the embargo time, the campaign’s status become submit. and then, just stay there, only when I click the send queue button, the campaign can be sent out.

Anyone can tell me what’s wrong with it? what should I do to let the campaign to send out on the schedule time.

sorry, I might not described very clear.

the campaign was in the status of submit after it passed the embargo time, and there is a pop up message box, the message is: You have 1 message waiting to be sent.
when I click the button process the queue, my campaign can be sent out.

My question is how come it can not send out automatilcally?

phplist doesn’t send the campaign automatically. You need to either send it manually by clicking the button or link, or create a cron job that runs at regular intervals to send campaigns automatically. I recommend the latter, as the former is suitable only for small campaigns.

I think that this is explained in the online manual https://www.phplist.org/manual/

thank you very much for the reply.

I find a link,

but not understand the step 1 set up commandline.
sorry for my zero knowledge of server.
where should I paste these line to? in which file? and where?

I was continually receive a email from the system, said can not find config file.

for the cPanel corn setting,
I put the line:
php -q /home/username*/public_html/phplist/admin/index.php page=pageaction action=processqueue login=xxxx password=xxxx

Would you please tell me is there wrong code on this line?

after I set corn job, I got a message from the system, can not find config file.

where is it? how to find it?

Your command needs to be something like this

php /home/username*/public_html/phplist/admin/index.php -p processqueue -c /home/username/public_html/phplist/config/config.php

WOW WOW WOW!!! :grinning:

Thank you very very much!!! after I changed the corn command as the line you gave me.
The problem solved.

Million thanks!!! I LOVE YOU!!

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