Why my campaign is being sent out in batches of 50 emails a day


I am french, sorry for my bad english :confused:

I sent my first campaign today and I constated phplist sent only 50 emails a day.

“prochain lot de 50 dans 21 heures 50 minutes 39 secondes” that means “next batch of 50 in 21 hours 50 minutes 39 seconds”

I wonder if that is normal or if there is a settting to change or else. In case of that is normal, I can’t continue to use phplist because I can’t wait 5 or 6 days to send all my emails.

Someone can help me?

What are your throttle settings?

I don’t find my throttle settings. I am just a user of phplist and I think I don’t have some access.
So, I wonder if the batch of 50 mails / day is the setting by default and if I can change it?
Thanks a lot for your advice!

Hi @Manue are you using self-hosted phpList or the phplist.com hosted service?