Who unsubscribed and where are undelivered emails listed?


New user (v3.6.2). Great list software! Got a couple of questions, hoping someone can answer:

  1. Sent my first campaign to 400 subscribers.I received an email saying, “This batch will be 845 emails, because in the last 30 seconds 155 emails were sent.” Why does it say 845 emails when only 400 subscribers added?

  2. I received approx 120 undelivered email notifications but cannot find this listed anywhere in the back office. Is this normal?


In relation to your first query, it’s likely just bad arithmetic. It’ll be working on a maximum batch size of 1000, and 1000-155=845. Standing by to be corrected :slight_smile: (If I remember correctly, it used to say it had delivered, say, 10 plain text emails and 8 HTML emails, making a total of 2 emails…)

There will be instructions somewhere for bounce handling. Maybe this will help (I’ve not read it): https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/phplist/handling-bounces/ Once you’ve set up the bounces mailbox, they’ll go there and get automatically processed.

Thanks, Jonathan. Very helpful.

I wish I could’ve plugged email and password in Settings and, if not plugged, see in Manage Bounces a warning to configure bounces in Settings.

I think 2-3 people have unsubscribed but I cannot tell how many or whom. Is there another option I need to configure or this feature just not included?


I don’t understand this.

If you go to Subscribers - Search subscribers - you can find out about that sort of thing.


I meant it would’ve been easier to just plug email address and password in Settings than to ask for help and then edit a PHP file (IOW, a feature request).

Not sure how I can find who unsubscribed unless I know who to search for, in which case I don’t need to search. Looks like another feature request to me.


I guess the idea is if you’re installing software on a web server you’ll be comfortable editing a config file - though maybe that approach is old-fashioned now! The good news is that when it works it works and you’ll forget all about it. (I am a fellow amateur.)

I’ve not used it (yet) but this might help you with your unsubscription query: https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/subscribers