White screen when processing bounce


Since my last update, when I process the bounces, I get a white screen of death and no error message in the log of events.
My Phplist version is V3.3.3 and running with PHP 7.
Any idea how can I have my process bounces to work again?:confused:

Thank you

Same here after upgrading to 3.3.3

Still no solution, I still have the blank page.

I get a blank page when processing bounces. I tried to raise the execution time
[Solved] Process Bounces using Amazon Remote DB with no luck, still a blank page after 5-20 seconds. Sometimes I even have to restart php-fpm, but have no errors in the php-fpm logs.

Ubuntu 16
PHP 7.2 with fpm
phplist 3.3.6

I was able to solve the problem from the command line. It seems it’s related to timeouts.

I followed the instructions to setup bounce processing from the command line and it was successful. It takes a lot of time. I now can process bounces with phplist -pprocessbounces within 600 seconds.