Which database table and column contains the "can't delete admin" flag?

I’d like to move the “unable to delete” admin user to a new user. Where is that flag contained?

TIA Dave

@dthacker9 There isn’t such a flag and you cannot “move an id”.

You need to create another super-admin, login with that id, then you can delete, rename or mark as disabled the “admin” id if you really want to.

Ah, but that’s the problem I’m having. When I follow the path “Config”–>“Manage Administrators” I see a list of all of my administrators. Then I see this

Administrators Del

myadmin1 Del
myadmin2 Del
myadmin3 Del

The admin I want to delete does not have a deletion link. That’s why I think there is a flag in the database to control that control. How would I delete that particular admin entry?

TIA Dave

Presumably you are logging in as originaladmin? Don’t think you can delete yourself.

Log in as a different admin and try again.