Where Can I Start?

Hi All,
I have just installed phplist v3.5.4 using by softaculous to our own VPS Centos 7 host at subdomain (ebulten.demirkayaoptik.com)
I have created email (for sender e-bulten (at) demirkayaoptik.com)
In config file I have edit some databese settings ( user, pass etc.)
But I can not send mail and also when I try to subcribe I get this message:
" Sorry, sending the message to request your confirmation failed, please click “Reload” to try again. If it still does not work, please contact the administrator."

I watch video on youtube, I have resurce forum but I didn’t know what sould I do!
Sould I change anything from config_extended.php ?

Do you have any step by step tudorial for only mail hosting settings?
I do not know where can I start actualy.

welcome to the forums.

Firstly, either make your changes to your config.php file, or rename yuor config_extended.php to config.php
Only config.php is used, extended is there to show you what commands are available.

Hi, thanks for that. I am still searching :slight_smile: I believe, I will be better on phplist :slight_smile: