When Editing a campaign, changes are being auto saved

I am testing PHPList 3.2.4. We are upgrading from 2.10.15. When I am in edit mode for a campaign on the Content tab, I make a change or multiple changes to the content and decide I don’t want to save the changes I want to just revert back to what I started with, if I select any other tab (text, format, scheduling, etc.) it automatically saves the changes. Is this a setting that I can turn off? The old PHPList would just give us a warning when changing tabs that our changes will be lost if we don’t save.

Also, is there a way to turn off the function that moves a sent campaign to the drafts tab when you go into edit mode? We go into edit mode simply to copy the code from one campaign to use in a new campaign. It is a lot of steps to then move the campaign back to the sent tab.

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I think saves are triggered by changing tab, like going to text, schedule etc, does that match up with your experience ?

No. If you don’t want to save the changes then you need to click on something outside the tabs, such as a menu item. That won’t trigger the automatic saving. Or use the “undo” button of the editor.

To copy the content of a campaign to a new one, see the Campaigns plugin, https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/campaigns

Duh, sorry, you already said that - spot my late night reply huh!!

also, you might want to look at one of @duncanc 's excellent plugins:

Campaigns plugin, which allows you to copy an existing campaign and use it as a starting point in a new campaign.


Thank you. I will look into the plugin. Good to know clicking outside of the tabs will revert the changes.

Thanks. I will look into the plugins you referenced.

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