What should happen if I have no bounces and I try to process bounces?

I have successfully installed phpList on a shared host and am ready to set up bounce processing. I cannot get phpList to download my bounce messages, even though I can view them in Thunderbird. Anyway, when I click Process Bounces, my computer just clocks forever with no messages of any kind displayed. Shouldn’t I get some kind of message? I’m wondering if this is a clue as to why phpList is not downloading my bounce messages.

Yes, I have followed all the procedures in the manual. I have tried the same connection parameters (among others) that work with Thunderbird, but no luck with phpList. The phpList version is 3.5.3, and I’m using php version 7.1. I don’t know if the IMAP extension for php is installed; is there a way to tell? My cPanel has no icon to install it. From reading several other posts on this forum, it seems establishing a working connection to download bounce messages is anything but trivial.

I would try a ‘pop’ connection, and tell phplist to download and delete messages.
on hosted accounts, sometimes the ‘official’ cpanel settings don’t work.
one thing you can try is to leave the bounce email server undefined… i.e.

$bounce_mailbox_host = '';

Once in a while that seems to work.

I found the solution to my problem. And I must confess, it is somewhat embarrassing.

First of all, thank you danwaterloo for responding. I tried your suggestion, but eventually I discovered the problem had nothing to do with my connection parameters. It was the (incorrect) procedure I followed to process bounces. After sending a campaign, the first thing I would do in the bounce menu was click the View Bounces button. I thought the bounces would automatically appear there after sending a campaign. Eventually I reread the manual more closely and discovered the first step is to click the Process Bounces button. Then the bounces will appear. Duh! Things are working fine now.

I must say though that I think the manual could be more clear on this subject. And, if I were coding phpList, I would place the Process Bounces button at the top of the bounce buttons, since logically it’s the first button you will want to press.