What name am I supposed to use to log in after db initialization?

The field was auto-filled in with a name I never even used for phplist. No matter what name I try to put in there, it tells me password incorrect. I could put random characters for name, and it still tells me password incorrect.

Please supply some basic info also, it would be helpful if you could explain HOW you installed phpList, manually, with an installer (Softicious/Fantastico etc) if you are self hosting or using phplist.com (for example).

You may also find this article on my own website of use to reset your password, assuming you know how to use phpMyAdmin?

Manually, and self-hosted. I figured it out, I was supposed to log in as admin. But I only found that by seeing a screen shot on this page Under “Final Steps”. Pretty strange the name field was auto filled in with a name I use on the internet, but in no way associated with my phplist account. Must be a WordPress thing.

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