What is the difference between sent as HTML & Sent


I have just suspended a campaign for some unexpected behaviour. The list size is about 25K email IDs however the system shows sent as HTML 51077 that too after I had to hit the suspend button, and sent as 2097. Is it because I am using batch command as scheduled task on Plesk to reload every 15 minutes and the system did not stop after completing the list number OR is it some kind of an error that shows that the mails are triggering but they are not actually!! Will the system keep on re-loading the campaign over and over again? Hope I am able to present my issue. Kindly guide.


Check the phpList log, it should show some errors which explain this. phpList will never send the same campaign to the same subscriber more than once. So the numbers that you’re seeing mean that the same campaign is being processed over and over, but the messages are not being sent. That means phpList keeps trying to resend the messages but it’s failing for some reason. Hopefully the log will tell you why.

@samtuke, yes… checked the the log and it says the following:

Error sending email to [email id] SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting

I did visit the suggested URL but could not identify a clear resolution for my problem!!

Sounds like your SMTP connection details are incorrect. Try changing them, sending, and monitoring the log again.