What is 'optedin' used for?

What is the ‘optedin’ field in the user_user table used for? Will PHPList refuse to send a campaign to a user if optedin = 0? Or is ‘optedin’ just a record-keeping field for the Admin to see but not necessarily do anything with? I can’t find anything about its use in the manual. Conceptually, what is the difference between ‘optedin’ and ‘confirmed’?

I’ve got the “subscribe and confirm” process working through the API, but the API call ‘subscriberUpdate’ won’t update ‘optedin’, so I’m hoping nothing depends on it, or I’ll have to change it with mySQL.


The ‘optedin’ field is a record of when the subscriber opted in.
Confirmed is a state of the subscriber… if they are not confirmed, the system will not send any messages to them.

The system will send a message to a subscriber if they are subscribed and not blacklisted, regardless of the ‘optedin’ value.