What happens when you edit a message that has already been sent?

When you click on the edit button of a message which has already been sent, a pop-up shows up which reads “Editing an active or finished campaign will place it back in the draft queue, continue?” However, in the German translation the pop-up says that editing an active or sent message creates a copy (!) in drafts.

It seems to me that the English version is the one that accurately describes what happens, i.e. rather than creating a copy of the message phplist simply moves it from sent to draft. This of course means that if you actually edit a sent message (i.e. change its content) and resend it, the original message is lost. Is there a way to change this behaviour to the one suggested by the German text? Or is this not possible and the translation just has to be adjusted? I know that you can create a copy of a message with the campaigns plugin but I was wondering if it is possible to change the standard behaviour?

Hi, if you edit the message and re-send, none of the original subscribers will receive it, only new subscribers who signed up after the original campaign. I don’t think, therefore, that the copy idea would be worth doing, so yes, the translation needs changing. Is this something you could do? https://www.phplist.org/translation/#edit

Hi anna,

I changed the translation because I got the same problem these days.
I added some more information in german translation to clarify what this function actually does. I put the added part into () so you could extend the english version as well.

Bearbeiten einer aktiven oder abgeschlossenen Nachricht verschiebt die Nachricht zurück in Entwürfe. (Hier können Sie die Nachricht bearbeiten und an alle neuen Abonnenten seit dem letzten Versand versenden. Die bearbeitete Nachricht wird nicht an die Abonnenten die diese Nachricht bereits erhalten haben versendet!) Weiter?

Editing an active or finished campaign will place it back in the draft queue. (You are able to edit the message there and send it to all newly added subscribers since last delivery. The edited message will not be sent to the subscribers who already received it in the past!) Continue?

If the function is not changed to actually copy the message we should possibly mention the “campaign plugin” in the description text as well?!
Please let me know if that could be an idea and i will translate it to german.

Well, there are other options here potentially because there is a method to send to everyone again too, in the campaign sheduudling. Did you ask about this on the translate list too? https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/phplist-translators

I suggested the longer german version on the translation page under the same nickname.
Didnt ask anything there as i was talking to you here about that. :wink: