What file is the users (Subscribe to our newsletters) setting fed from?

I have a problem with the page where a user can ( unsubscribe , Subscribe to our newsletters). I can get to the page with the 4 options but then they click on one of the options they get the famous “Fatal Error: Mysql is not supported in your PHP, recompile and try again.”. I have just up-dated to 3.6.2 and it was doing the same thing B4 I updated. I’m on Hostmonster so all the data base, php, ect are updated by them. When I updated to 3.6.2 the only old file I brought over was my config.php file. I used Filezilla to update and there must be a file that Filezilla did not overwrite. I can manually put the right URL and get to the right place so I’m thinking the file that feeds the location to “Subscribe to our newsletters” is wrong. Does anyone know where that info is fed from? What file?

@WillWeSee You can check the URLs on the Settings page within the Subscription settings group.

Duncanc Thank you so much, the word “lists” was in the place of my directory on the server. I was able to do the fix in the settings page. I think I know what happened, it is called operator error.