What does the System Template do?

I haven’t been able to find clear documentation on this. What is the purpose of the default System Template (vs. the default Campaign Template)?

I think it is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a default template that you can use without any fuss.

If you want to create your own template that fits within your website and looks like a part of your website, then make a copy of the default, view/edit it and see what code you need to include in your own template so phpList still works but now looks like it’s integeral to your own website.

It does the mails like “confirm subscription” and “thanks for confirming” etc I think, as well as emails to the list admin notifying of this that and the other.

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Thanks, Anna. This is what I was looking for. It would be great if this was clearly documented somewhere with all of the messages that use the system default.

Can you check that it’s not in the templates chapter and if not, add a it to the feedback for the chapter you think it should go in. Then it will be added into the next version of the manual :smile:

Hi Anna,
It wasn’t in there, so I added a note.

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Thanks, next time I do an review, I will make sure to add it in :smile: