What data phplist using for process bounces?

Hello hello and Happy new year !
I looking for to know which line/data phplist using for processing bounce ?

I want customize my headers and I am afraid to make some misstakes.
For example, I want change dynamicly returnpath adress with postfix regex rules for matching with each SMTP server.
smtp1.domain_com = retunpath@smtp1.domain_com
smtp2.domain_com = retunpath@smtp2.domain_com
smtp3.domain_com = retunpath@smtp3.domain_com

What the difference in the header
between bounces-to: and Return-Path: ?
I read X-ListMember and X-MessageID are important for bounce process but who is other important data need to keep to my header for phplist do him job.

And About Message-ID: what is it doing exactly.

Thx a lot for yours answers