What are those green and red numbers? near the list?

Hi near my mailing list ive some green and (red) numbers, what they are for?

Here you can find a screenshots:



@hellspawn23 The red number is the total of unconfirmed subscribers. If you hover your mouse over the number then a tool-tip will be displayed.
The green figure is the total of confirmed subscribers, but that also includes those who are blacklisted, so it is not necessarily the number of subscribers that a campaign will be sent to.

In the next release of phplist, 3.2.5, the green number is changed to the totoal of subscribers who are confirmed and not blacklisted, and a separate figure for the number of blacklisted subscribers is shown within the brackets.

HI, Thanks for the fast reply, is there a way to clean the mailing list? I’ve a lot of problem with the bounce and like amazon blocks my account because of spam. Everytime I clean the bounce list but there’s a way to clean just the mail that are not going though?

I don’t really understand what you mean. If you have not done so, you should configure bounce handling so that phplist can automatically deal with bounces, see https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch040_bounce-management.xhtml

But phplist cannot validate whether email addresses actually exist.

Sorry my english sucks, I’ll try to explain again.

I’ve a lot of old list, and when I’ve imported them I flag the AUTOVALIDATE, It’s like more then 5 years that I’m using phplist. I’ve usually clean the bounce list manually but I’ve still a lot of email that are not going though, is there a way to understand which email are unconfirmed, blocked, not active anymore to reduce the bounce list? Because now I’m sending the email through Amazon but they permit just 10% of bounce and I’m over 20%… so they have already blocked my account.

I just want an easy way to “clean” all my lists