Viewing lists and campaigns created by other admins

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to understand the user permissions in phpList.

I have created an admin account and set permissions to Manage Subscribers, Send Campaigns and View Statistics. The account is not a Super Admin.

When logging in with this account, I’m not able to see campaigns or lists created by other admins.

Is there a way to allow admins to view campaigns and lists created by other admins, without granting them access to the System and Config menu items?

Thanks in advance for your help!

As far as I know there is no way to

right now. Each admin would have their own lists and own data.

I personally aggree with you that this is not ideal, however, it is 100% less complicated than the old system in phpList 2 and it suites 90% of people I guess as hardly anyone complains :confused:

My suggestion would be to change the owner of the lists and things to this admin (your super admin will lose them) and then share the login information between all your admins.

So you have

  1. super admin - doesn’t own any data but owns the system, config etc
  2. admin, owns all the lists etc, and several people can use this account.


I have the same Problem.

My target ist one SuperAdmin to control the system, one admin for each list to manage the list-members and one admin for each list to send e-mails on the lists but can´t edit the listmembers or other attitudes.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t think that is possible. That is a very complex system… Can’t you just tell them not to edit stuff?

I know this is an old thread and my apologies for resurrecting it.
has anyone found a plug in to perform this action yet?

I was I had free time to develop an superadmin permissions function.
Essentially the same as in unix for file management.
access read write execute
Seems the app is 3/4 of the way there with super and admin roles, then a hash to toggle if lists can or cannot be viewed and or used by others.
Superadmin would have full authority that supercedes standard admin.

hmmm…I may have to find a bright coder with more time than me.

You may wish to speak to @duncanc if you are looking for a developer to pay :smile:

Hi, I was thinking exactly the same thing - this is a really big limitation.
I was about to create a new post, but was directed towards this message.

I have just set up a list of 100000 users that needs to be maintained. I would NOT want or expect every admin user to have to do this !!

I can see Campaign Templates that have been created by a different user - so could a similar approach be used where you have Subscriber List Templates.

Each admin user could then build their own subscriber lists using an approach similar to DuncanC’s superb Segment Plugin, allowing these lists to be added in to their campaigns.

Surely, this approach would simplify the management of subscriber lists.
Is there someone out there who could look into this idea?