View in Browser Plugin: 404 Error because of a "%20" in URL

Hey to all of you,

so my problem is, that when ever I try to open an E-Mail in the Browser, with either the [VIEWBROWSER] or [VIEWBROWSERURL] placeholders in the mail Chrome and Firefox give me a 404 Error. When I remove the %20 from the Link, everything works fine.

Broken Link:

Working Link

What could be the cause of this unnecessary "%20"
With my limited knowledge of PHP i couldn’t find the error.

I’m running phpList v. 3.2.4, PHP Version 5.3.29 on a Linux server. Unfortunately I cannot upgrade the Version of PHP.

Thanks in advance

@fefefe Are you using click tracking? i.e is the lnk in the email like the one you showed or is it like

No I don’t use click tracking. And the links in the E-Mails are showed like you’ve described. The “%20” Error is probably generated when the webbrowser is loading the page, or looking up the ULR on my server. Please excuse for my really small knowledge about all this.

Sorry but I don’t understand this. Please can you show a link exactly as it appears in an email, copy and paste the text rather than retype it.

The link is like this:

@fefefe You are using click tracking. Please can you disable that to see whether the links are then correct. In your config.php file look for this line then change 1 to 0. Then send a test message to yourself

define('CLICKTRACK', 1);

Do you remember whether you used the VIEWBROWSERURL or the VIEWBROWSER placeholder first?
Please use the VIEWBROWSER placeholder in a new campaign and then send a test message. You can leave click tracking enabled for that.

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So I went through my config.php, the line you’re looking for isn’t there, so I’ve added it and set the value to 0.
If I remeber correctly, I was using the VIEWBROWSER placeholder first, then switched to the VIEWBROWSERURL and now back to the first one.

And guess what, it works now!
keep this good support up