View in Browser not working

I’ve tried just about everything I can think of, but I can’t the View in Browser plugin to work. I’m sure it’s me but I would like some guidance.
Here is the url that I get:

@talkpoppycock I guess that the plugin might not have been installed properly. How did you install it?
Check whether the file admin/plugins/ViewBrowserPlugin/view.php exists.

There is also a possible problem with the uid value.

It looks like you were affected by a bug in release 3.3.0 that overwrote the uid field with a
uuid value. The bug was fixed in release 3.3.1 but didn’t correct any incorrect values.

A uid value should be 32 hex digits, whereas a uuid is similar to the value that is in the URL you posted. As that probably happened a few years ago then you can probably leave things as they are.

Many thanks for your prompt reply.
My version numbers differ from yours, however this is what I did.
Plugin managers showed version 2.4.1 I disabled and then deleted the folder. I then installed the latest version which plugin manager said is 2.10.2 Then composed new campeign and this works perfecrly.
Many thanks for you help.